Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Max Booth III Interview

This is the point in where I attempt to interview far more wittier people than myself (may the gods have mercy on us all).  Today is all about Max Booth III and his utter coolness.  His story, A Moment of Silence, is as provocative as it is twisted.  Enjoy, dear readers!


1.       We will start with the hard questions first: Tea or coffee in the morning?

Well I work a night shift, so replace “in the morning” with “in the middle of the night” and your answer would be lots and lots of coffee. Oh God I love coffee. I am actually drinking coffee as I answer this question.

2.       Tell us a little about yourself using as many adjectives as possible.

I’m all out of adjectives but I do have some coffee.

More about me – I am the editor in chief of Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing and the assistant editor of Dark Moon Digest. I wrote a collection of flash fiction bizarro called THEY MIGHT BE DEMONS that is currently available through Dark Moon Books. It is the world’s most famous book about Satan possessing a Geo.

My debut novel, TOXICITY, is scheduled to be released next spring through Post Mortem Press. It is a dark comedy about horrible things happening to horrible people. My editor described it as a Shakespearean tragedy with a lizard hooker.

3.       Song that best conveys your personal motto.

Happy Holidays, You Bastard” by Blink-182

4.       How did you come to be a part of Fireside Popsicles?

I think M.c. O’Neill read my book, THEY MIGHT BE DEMONS, and decided he was probably going to hell anyway, so he might as well just invite me to the anthology as well.

5.       In three sentences, please tell us about your particular story.

Everybody wakes up and discovers they’ve lost the ability to speak. People riot and destroy the world. A neighbor borrows some sugar.

6.       Where did the idea come from?

Walmart. There was a sale going on.

7.       Do you pronounce “caramel” with two or three syllables?

Due to a speech impediment that involves “r”, I do my best to avoid the word “caramel”. Seriously, fuck that delicious, delicious word.

8.       What words of wisdom would you like to give to our readers?

 Never believe anything anyone ever tells you. They are all out to get you. Soon your time will come.

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  1. This sort of made my life. And I believe that Satan had possessed my Geo. I hit a deer in that thing, busted out the windshield and crumpled the car like tinfoil, and still drove it for another two years.

  2. Killer interview with a killer writer.